hate the routine

We trust our instincts and constantly shift perspectives to stay relevant.
Studio Schnauze 360 Experience

For us Design is a 360 Experience

We don‘t believe in stand-alone products. We want to create a world of connected ecosystems that support people contextually.


People first

We put people at the heart of every experience we design. Understanding the needs and desires of users help us create meaningful interactions.



We help identify relevant platforms and leverage their full potential to create next-generation products, services and brands that will last.



We respect the vision, capabilities and business realities of companies to deliver unique, effective and scalable solutions.

we increase value through design

To make design measurable we established 6 drivers that help us to come up with fresh perspectives and constantly challenge ourselves and others.


constantly coherent

Creating experiences that fit with one another so that the interactions can exist in different environments and still behave, feel and perform in a similar way. 


Highly engaging

People want to have fun when it comes to interaction – not just for a snapshot in time, but in incremental moments that keep adding up.


Truly satisfying

Creating satisfaction where it matters is our ultimate goal. So, that the customer relationship grows stronger over time.


Steadily Enriching

User Experience should always be scalable and help companies find new opportunities.


Inherently Simple

Intuitiveness and ease of  use are essential not just for end-users but also those responsible for the experience.


Always Feasible

Design has to make technology manageable and it has to work across all touchpoints.

Our services fit all needs

product design

User Experience (UX)
Digital Services
Visual Design
Style Guides


Brand Strategy
Identity & Positioning
Visual Language
Brand Guidelines
Brand Messaging
Campaign Development


Customer Experience
User Insights
User Journeys & Storytelling
Trend Analysis
Touchpoint Analysis
Target Pictures


Creative & Art Direction
Design Coaching
Method & Process Training
Interim Team Support

100% committed. 0% boring

We always go all in. Whether helping you remotely, as interim partners or in-house.
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