Studio Schnauze

We embody digital thinking

We design for digital natives. We don’t think in terms of touch points but rather moments of engagement. We create connected experiences that fit together seamlessly because we always think digital first.

Be human digital

We design from a people’s perspective. We listen to today’s audiences and anticipate their expectations to empathetically cater to their needs. Our approach is to transform context and behaviours into the digital world.

Amaze the crowd

We want to evoke human emotions through our design. We design digital interactions that feel intuitive and organically merge with the user context. We leverage digital environments to effortlessly deliver simplicity, consistency and style.

Strive for the wow

We believe that the value of research in business lies in the actions that it inspires. However, to act at the right moment, in the right way you need great instincts and the courage to follow them. We power our instincts through experience, knowledge, and an open mind. We are rational in our understanding and bold in our approach.

Discover unimagined constellations

We are not lone wolves. We find that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. We love collaborating with our clients to find inspiration. Our creativity and imagination gives us the ability to see constellations among the randomly scattered stars in the sky. This gives us an edge when it comes to finding original ideas that connect with people.

Shift behavioural patterns

We don’t design to manipulate users. We believe in creating long-term productive behaviours that fulfil strategic goals without exploitative hacks. We want to design experiences that have the power to challenge consumer expectations and form new behaviours.

Design in systems

Good design doesn’t produce ad hoc solutions, it paves the way for future innovation. That’s why we combine analytical reasoning, design experience and empathy to build design systems for  a collaborative, efficient, consistent and scalable product development.

We start with a blank canvas

We are a multidisciplinary team with an immersive experience in and around design. We have worked for multinational companies building up and implementing design & brand in their organization. We lead cross-cultural teams and helped startups around the world at every stage of their journey.


Product strategy
‍Target picture conception
Touchpoint analysis
Roadmap planning


Customer insights
UX audit
Trend analysis
Identifying potentials
User journeys


E-2-E customer experience
Product architecture
Use cases
‍Visual language

Product design

User experience (UX)
Visual design
‍Design guidelines
Asset development


Brand strategy
Market & brand positioning
Brand identity
Brand & style guides
Brand communication

Knowledge transfer

Creative consulting
Internal design coaching
Method & process tutoring
Interim team support
Team buildup

We don't design to win awards

But it is good to know that it's not just our clients who appreciate our work.

Feel free to drop us a line if you want to know more about us.


Talstrasse 66
40217 Düsseldorf