hate the routine

We don't repeat the same old same old. We constantly shift perspectives to drive the change.
Studio Schnauze 360 Experience

Our 360 approach

Our 360 approach doesn't break ankles, just silo thinking. We look at challenges from all perspectives to find the new and connect it.


People first

We put people at the heart of everything we touch. Understanding the needs and desires of humans helps us to create meaningful results.



We help identify relevant platforms and leverage their full potential to create next-generation products, services and brands that will last.



We understand and respect the vision, capabilities and business realities of companies to deliver unique, effective and scalable solutions.

Get moooooore through design

We established 6 drivers that help us to measure our work and come up with fresh ideas.


constantly coherent

Does it feel the same?
Creating experiences that fit with one another. Brands, products and communications that can exist in different environments and still behave, feel and perform in a similar way.


Highly engaging

Would you recommend it?
Inspiring people – not just for a snapshot in time, but in incremental moments that keep adding up.


Truly satisfying

Can you live without it?
Creating satisfaction in the moments that matter. It's not about overengineering, but about smart developments that the customer relationship grows stronger over time.


Steadily Enriching

Does it bring growth?
Designing experiences that are always scalable and help companies find new opportunities and build a competitive advantage.


Inherently Simple

Can you do it while driving?
Establishing Intuitiveness and ease of use that are essential not just for the customer, but also for those who are responsible.


Always Feasible

Do you really understand it?
Making technology manageable through design, humanizing it, creating a strong narrative, breaking down complexity and making it work across all platforms.

Our services

product design

Digital Systems
Style Guides
User Experience (UX)
Visual Design (UI)


Brand Guidelines
Brand Messaging
Brand Strategy
Campaign Development
Identity & Positioning
Visual Language


Customer Experience
Target Pictures
Touchpoint Analysis
Trend Analysis
User Insights
User Journeys & Storytelling


Brand & Design Consultancy
Creative & Art Direction
Interim Team Support
Method & Process Training

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