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Creative consulting, Brand strategy, Product strategy, Internal design coaching, Method & process tutoring, User experience

'Made in Germany' – Future proofed

For EMKA, we helped rethink the corporate culture, communication processes and brand presence. We worked closely with the leadership team and employees from different departments to analyze the status quo and showcase future scenarios to define longterm positioning.

Analysis of EMKA's product portfolio and company structure.
Internal surveys to see the company from the employees' perspective.

Insights from inside

From the start, we involved all the employees, in order to understand the internal view on brand positioning and communication processes through surveys, interviews and semantic differential scaling. We spent hours in the production, shook hands at different fairs and accompanied the field sales force to uncover one major insight – The employees are the core of EMKA. Our mission was to reinforce this culture of authenticity, competency and great team play and make it visible to the outside world.

Digital brand manual to align and strengthen the company's culture.

Enhancing the B2B experience

Based on the employee insights we developed a guiding system that connects the people at EMKA. It facilitates access to corporate information, enables knowledge transfer and simplifies the communication between EMKA and partners. To live up to the quality of EMKA's products we restructured, categorized, and standardized the entire portfolio.

EMKA platform for internal communication and B2B businesses.

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