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"The world is at the beginning of a digital revolution. Anything and everything that can go digital is going digital at an exponential rate."

Mukesh D. Ambani

Together with the Ambani family and Interbrand Germany we defined the brand story & identity of this rising brand. As the Creative Directors on site we helped building the design team and hired talents from all over the world. We have been a part of Jio's remarkable journey before, during and after the launch, up until its customer base had grown to over 250Mn Indians.

A symbol of change. 'The Jio Dot'

We developed a visual identity based on the circle, the mother of all shapes - deeply rooted in the history of human kind and the Indian culture. The identity of Jio reflects what digitization means, shows the diversity of India and captures its vibrant energy and potential. A multicolor approach gives Jio an advantage in the market, connects to the country’s vibrancy and helps structure & categorize the brand’s segments.

Jio means 'to live'

Creating the brandbook as well as guidelines for communications and digital products was part of our mission. We understood that Jio is more than telcommunications. It's rather an ecosystem that connects friends, families, businesses, contents, experiences and passions in a very eclectic culture. Whether they live in Mumbai or a village in Rajasthan, Jio brings everyone closer to each other. With this in mind, we defined a new brand vision for Jio: A 'Digital Life' for every Indian.

Naming Architecture for Jio products.
Designing an own typeface called "JioType" together with Monotype.
Communication architecture from information focused to visual storytelling.

A scalable design system

We created a design system that could be implemented across all touchpoints, including communications and out-of-home media. The system had to meet the different regional needs, including 18 different languages. A flexible system that adapts and is easy to use for third parties and regional offices across India.

Consistent hardware language throughout various products.

Unifying the user experience

We developed and implemented a design system that unifies the user experience across various platforms – an adaptable system of guidelines, assets, components and tools that support the best practices of user interface design.

Digital assets and data visualisation kit.
Grid based UI Kit. From MDPI to XXXHDPI.
Icon library following Jio's design language.

Mobile-first country

For all digital products, it was important to enable people with an intuitive and consistent design language to ensure brand expression. To get launch-ready, we began with a first-level brand alignment, where we ensured that all the products reflect a single visual logic. Next, we developed a version 2.0 that follows a strictly defined, brand-led End-2-End customer experience. All Jio products made it into the top 20 in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. Some even charted #1 ahead of WhatsApp, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

Primarily build for Android due to the Indian market.

An award winning brand

In this brand environment, personalisation begins with identity – and this is something new. Jio opens with a colourful, algorithm-generated design based on India’s most widely used colours. This means that everyone’s Jio experience is a little different, literally and symbolically. This creates a digital lifestyle that promotes maximum engagement. Jio is the first Indian brand to present Indian heritage with world-class design. Design made in India.

Jury Statement - German Design Award

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