Zeitgeist Ventures

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Zeitgeist in the making

Zeitgeist Ventures is a venture capital firm based out of Germany and the Bahamas with the approach to build venture ecosystems with a strong focus on people, places and culture. To reflect their unique approach to investment, we created a new, more distinct identity. We positioned Zeitgeist Ventures as the 'Hidden Hero' who enables others to do great.


The 'Z' represents Zeitgeist Ventures.

The 'infinite timeline' reflects the Zeitgeist.

Greatness hidden behind a simple idea.

A logo for a new Zeitgeist

We made sure to capture and express the DNA of Zeitgeist Ventures in a logo that stands for the growth of ideas, the dynamic of businesses and the greatness which can be hidden behind a simple idea. We introduced the 'infinite timeline' that reflects learning from yesterday, acting today and preparing for tomorrow.

Guidelines to co-create the Zeitgeist.

Co-create the Zeitgeist

We developed a Zeitgeist Ventures brand package containing a more vibrant color palette that helps to categorize the Zeitgeist Ventures portfolio and to match different communication contexts. We came up with a true-to-life photography style that celebrates the everyday situations and a crisp and impactful tone of voice that helps to communicate in a simple and honest way. The 'infinite timeline' creates a recognizable visual design element and highlights the brand philosophy.

Digital adaption of the 'infinite timeline'.
Layout for various collaterals.

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