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Before the launch of Jio in 2016 the digital products were mainly white label solutions combined with first in-house developments. In order to create a consistent product portfolio, our task was to build up a product ecosystem for over 30+ products and designing a platform for further product developments to ensure the best possible user experience for Jio customers.


Through our parallel work on the Jio branding we were able to build up a strong and consistent design language right from the beginning. Due to the tremendous market size of Jio we wanted to create a completely new user experience based on learned behaviours from the Android OS (over 90% of Indians are using an Android device). Starting with the product- and naming architecture we implemented a design system that designers as well as developers could use to design state of the art products. After the launch of Jio most products got ranked #1 in the Google play store and till now our unique customer experience is enjoyed by over 350 million Jio customers everyday.

product architecture

redefining consistency

The Jio product portfolio offers over 30+ End-2-End solutions that address the entire value chain across various digital services such as education, healthcare, financial services or entertainment. To achieve consistency we developed a simplistic and scalable naming and product architecture. Visually we deliberately didn’t want to create colour codes for the various product categories so that each product can stand out and gets a real individual touch.

Design System

unifying the user experience

We developed and implemented a design system that unifies the user experience across various platforms and devices. To speed up the development processes, while ensuring the overall brand expression, we built an adaptable system of guidelines, assets, components and tools that supports the designers, as well as developers to design unique and highly recognisable products.

Designing for a mobile first country

Due to the tremendous market size of Jio we wanted to create a completely new user experience. Based on the popular Android OS (Google Material Design) we developed a modular and intuitive tool box for designers to maintain consistency and a strong recognition across various products. Whether it’s a functional or a content-rich product, it is based on a staking system with contextual support for all components and elements. That’s how we ensured that the in-house design team as well as third parties can implement unique user experiences within the Jio ecosystem.

user experience

contextual experience seamlessly

A major idea behind all Jio products was to connect them right from the beginning to create a really personalised and seamless experience - we called it Connected Intelligence. Not only did we optimised the flow in each product for fast and intuitive usage, we also integrated various cross-selling options to offer the user the best possible experience throughout the whole Jio ecosystem. Many of the over 30+ products we directed and designed got ranked #1 in the Google Playstore.

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