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In Germany the market acceptance for cashless payments was quite lowThe Deutsche Telekom is more than just the biggest telecommunication network in Germany. It also drives innovation to be prepared for a digital future. In 2015 the design team at Deutsche Telekom approached us, they had two asks: First, that we drive current product developments in the field of mobile payment. And second that we come up with answers to the question - what is the future of digital payments.


We began to analyse the existing version of MyWallet from an End-2- End customer perspective.In parallel we worked on a target picture based on personas, customer needs, existing payment behaviours and trends to create a competitive advantage in the mobile payment service.

mobile payment

more than a wallet

The MyWallet App turns your smartphone into a payment device. The app and its ecosystem was not only about the payment process itself, it was rather about guiding and making the customer feel secure and safe during the on-boarding process till the first payment. In order to provide both the best security for payment transactions and the greatest convenience for customers we came up with a simple and intuitive interface with clear hierarchies and seamless interactions.
Deutsche Telekom MyWalletDeutsche Telekom MyWallet
Deutsche Telekom MyWallet


stay relevant – today and tomorrow

To understand the customer, we carried out a qualitative ethnographic study about our target group’s needs, habits and milieus. Based on the insights we built differentiated customer images allowing us to build personalized services and products.
Deutsche Telekom MyWallet

matching customer's expectations

We analysed MyWallet before launch from an End 2 End customer perspective so we could point out break - and pain points as a basis to discuss with all stakeholders. We led with a customer centric approach that helped to simplify and restructure the entire onboarding process and increased the number of sign-ups.
Deutsche Telekom MyWallet

Target picture

data driven design

We built personalised prototypes that serve as a product vision based on persona use cases and data from the target picture. With this on the table we were able to redesign the current product architecture and integrate e.g. identity management, parental control and contextual features. To look at this project in its entirety and be able to convince all stakeholders and breaking silos by establishing methods and processes for an agile and customer-oriented approach and horizontal teamwork.
Deutsche Telekom MyWalletDeutsche Telekom MyWallet
Deutsche Telekom MyWallet

payment concepts

magic moments of paying

We saw an opportunity to build new partnerships in developing a range of attractive related services and business models. The main project was about predictive recommendations in the retail sector creating in-store concepts and experiences based on beacon technology and geo-tagging. Besides that we experimented with payment gestures from different cultures and translated them into new behaviours for a digital payment in the near future.
Deutsche Telekom MyWallet
Deutsche Telekom MyWallet

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