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Zeitgeist Ventures is a venture capital consultancy with the approach to build venture ecosystems and to inspire others to create their legacies. We got tasked to translate the proactive and dynamic mindset of Zeitgeist Ventures into a corporate identity that helps them to leave an impact on the venture capital market.


We positioned Zeitgeist Ventures as the 'Hidden Hero' who enables others to do great. To reflect their unique approach to investments, we created a new and more distinct identity from redesigning the logo to their overall appearance. For us it was important to design strong brand assets that are easy to use but always stand out.

The symbol

a new zeitgeist

We made sure to capture and express the DNA of Zeitgeist Ventures in a logo that stands for the growth of ideas, the dynamic of businesses and the greatness which can be hidden behind a simple idea. Through the coloured line that stands for the growth and symbolises the zeitgeist time line we tried not to create a static symbol, rather a snapshot of the moment. A moment where the past influences the future illustrated by the two blocks that become in total the „Z“ for Zeitgeist Ventures.
Zeitgeist Z


Zeitgeist Infinite Line


Zeitgeist Logo
Zeitgeist Ventures

brand categories

represent your audience

We developed Zeitgeist Ventures’ corporate identity on a multicolour approach to represent the lifestyle, flexibility and agility they stand for. The five edgy, energetic, yet friendly colours are used to match different communication levels as well as targeting different audiences that come naturally in Zeitgeist Ventures’ business domain.
Zeitgeist Ventures
Zeitgeist Ventures

brand elements

link the past with the future

Based on the Zeitgeist Ventures logo we created a highly recognisable brand element called the „Infinite Timeline“. It stands for learning from yesterday, acting today and being prepared for the future. We use this brand element in all communications and brand outputs to leave a strong impression on Zeitgeist Ventures’ clients and potential business partners.
Zeitgeist VenturesZeitgeist VenturesZeitgeist Ventures
Zeitgeist Ventures


be part of the moment

The imagery we created for Zeitgeist Ventures reflects the brand DNA - being a team player, being proactive and setting trends. The images show team situations with a strong focus on the people and they let the audience feel the proactive spirit in every image. To sharpen out the dynamic and trendsetting spirit behind Zeitgeist Ventures, all images always show people being on to something and products always in the making - like a snapshot of something big.
Zeitgeist VenturesZeitgeist VenturesZeitgeist Ventures
Zeitgeist Ventures

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