We have answered the question what does identity mean today and how can we create a flexible brand system with the help of design that reflects people and their new possibilities and at the same time the protective security aspect behind an identity.


IAMX is at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, bringing the world’s most secure and user-friendly Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solution to the Internet and is working to solve the problem of providing an identity to people who do not currently have a state-recognized, legal identity. The task was to translate these complex technologies behind IAMX and to make them tangible in a brand.

Brand strategy

An empowering identity

The strategic approach was to free the theme of identity from the purely technical point of view and to emphasize the human aspect and create a framework for a scalable design system. An identity – it's you.
Skyroads Mission/VisionSkyroads Personality

Layout Principle

Breaking the grid

The flexible grid which resembles a biometric fingerprint is the backbone for the IAMX layout. At the same time the static grid can be opened up with graphic expressions to visualize the infinite possibilities for you.


It’s all about you

We specified the existing logo and word mark, adapted it to the technological environment and optimized it in terms of spacing, legibility and size.

The colors describe the interplay of security and unlimited freedom. Blue, black and white convey a sense of trust and reliability, while the secondary colors reflect the diversity of people behind the identity.

The Monospace typeface ‚Space Grotesk‘ combines the aspects of security and stability, but has a subtle uniqueness to underline the brand attributes.

The imagery focuses on the diversity and authenticity of people. Products are shown in context and create a feeling of familiarity and genuineness.
Skyroads Brand ElementSkyroads TypefaceSkyroads Brand ElementSkyroads Brand Element

Brand experience

Endless possibilities for you

All brand expressions can be combined in a modular way, so there are endless design possibilities. The design system had to be flexible and open in order to make the complex issues and technologies behind IAMX understandable.

In all brand expressions we are as flexible and creative as possible within the grid to highlight the huge variety and freedom you can have with an IAMX identity.
Skyroads EquipmentSkyroads Business CardsSkyroads Business Cards

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