Skyroads AG



Building a strong strategic foundation and using it as an inspiration to create a purpose-led design language, distinctive brand identity and iconic way of communication that differentiates Skyroads from competitors, essential during this stage of their rapid progress.


Skyroads AG builds invisible flight routes, automatically generated to guide passenger and cargo drones to their destinations. They approached us to help evolve their brand to reflect the credibility of the technology & the system, and to deliver a brand that makes this futuristic topic tangible for everyone.

Corvin Huber, CEO & Founder

We believe in the future. We know that humanity can develop ever better solutions to answer our needs, sustainably and in a socially mindful manner. We understand that the space above us is part of our habitat.


Brand strategy

Flying for everyone

It all started with the founder's vision of turning the eternal dream of flying into reality. That's why we transformed this purely tech-oriented startup (D3 Technologies) to a company that makes this dream come true and acts as a tech pioneer that opens up new dimensions for the benefit of humanity. The new brand is a key step in the company’s path to implementing the world’s first urban air management system.
Skyroads Mission/VisionSkyroads Personality

The Symbol

Opening up new dimensions

The face of Skyroads, the logo is designed to cut through the visual noise with a clear, strong voice that mirrors Skyroads’ principles, values and character traits. It reflects the urge of moving forward, exploring the new, pioneering air mobility and building safe systems for humans.
Skyroads LogoSkyroads Logo


Ready for take off

We defined guidelines for logo, colors, typography, imagery, tone of voice and brand elementsand created a visual language that reflect Skyroads’ vision, purpose and values. The guidelines set the course for an identity that will help the company build credibility with consistency across all platforms.
Skyroads ColorsSkyroads Brand ElementSkyroads TypefaceSkyroads Brand Element



Let’s move beyond computer generated images of drones in urban spaces which crowd the market. Instead, we created a distinctive illustration style that makes it easy to tell the story of the future and show the unimaginary.
Skyroads DroneSkyroads InfographicSkyroads Megacity

Brand experience

sky is not the limit

Equipped with a strong foundation and a distinctive design language - From now on it’s about bringing the brand more and more  to life, evolving the guidelines and  bringing a cohesive experience.
Skyroads EquipmentSkyroads Business CardsSkyroads Pitch Deck

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