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Right from the beginning it was clear for us that Jio is not only a 4G provider. It has the power to change a whole country. That’s why we put people in focus. We wanted to inspire, empower and enable every Indian to live their many dreams. To achieve this we codified Indian culture and vibrancy to create a multicolour brand with which every Indian could identify themselves, in their own way.


We were asked to build up a completely new telecommunication brand in India called Jio. But it wasn't going to be just another telecommunication company. It would connect every Indian to each other and to the world. Our task was to develop the corporate identity for this brand and creating a symbol for 1.3 billion people.

Mukesh d. ambani

The world is at the beginning of a digital revolution. Anything and everything that can go digital is going digital at an exponential rate.

Jio Map India

Brand strategy

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Jio is an ecosystem that connects friends, families, businesses, contents, experiences and passions in a very eclectic culture. With this in mind, we defined the brand vision for Jio: A 'Digital Life' for every Indian.

The symbol

the mother of all shapes

Based on Jio’s values Simple, Smart, Secure we designed the symbol for the movement. A circle - the mother of all shapes - deeply rooted in the Indian culture. The logo  with its font, shape and colours reflects the ethos of India. It is also designed in its minimalistic and bold appeal to fit in analog as well as digital contexts.

Brand element

a truly personalized brand

To underline and strengthen the idea of a vibrant and digital brand we extended the logo with a brand element based on dots - the JioPattern. To reflect the vibrancy and colourfulness of India we developed an algorithm that combines the most common colours of Indian life, nature and culture. Thats why all the eight JioPatterns on every single collateral are unique pieces - telling a story like 1.3 billion Indians.


a digitally optimized typeface

Together with Monotype we created the corporate typeface called JioType. For us it was important that the typeface works in analog as well as digital environments. That’s why the forms of this sans serif typeface are largely geometrical but features friendly and open curves due to Jio’s visual language. We also increased the tracking compared to standard typefaces to make the font easier to read on digital devices but also to let it look open and friendly when used in body texts.
Jio MonotypeJio Monotype


focusing on beauty in the everyday

For us Jio’s imagery was crucial to capture India and its people. We wanted to focus on the essence of the story a picture can tell. The focus is always on the person or the object of the story, while the background and foreground stays blurred to immerse the viewers into the scenery – like they are a part of the moment.


love for details

Counting more than 500 different icons it was a challenge for us to create an icon language that works on print as well as in digital. The focus was the digital usage mainly in Jio’s product ecosystem. To ensure that each icon works best in different resolutions and screen sizes we chose a simple and clean design and tested it to check if it resonated with the customers, especially for the icons that reflect Indian culture.

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