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We create brands, products, services and communications for brands to amaze people.



Communication cannot exist as a detached brilliant idea. It should come out of an interplay between brand, product & business goals and how they together address human needs. We create novel concepts for 360 campaigns that work across all digital channels as an interconnected system.


Building up brands from scratch or improving them means achieving the same quality attributes at every touchpoint. In order to be able to do this consistently, we define the brand culture, build brand assets and turn them into guidelines that are easy to apply.

Product design

We see products holistically, from User Flows to complete Design Systems while keeping in mind the overarching customer experience. We build products from an End-to-End perspective and think in systems with the user in the center.


Revolutionizing your identity.

Skyroads AG

New dimensions for air mobility.

Jio Infocomm ltd. – brand

Building India's biggest brand.

Jio Infocomm ltd. – Products

A product ecosystem for a digital India.

Jio Infocomm ltd. – Communications

Inviting 1.3 billion Indians to join the movement.
Deutsche Telekom MyWallet

Deutsche Telekom ag

Driving innovation for mobile payment.
Zeitgeist Ventures

Zeitgeist Ventures

An inspiring identity for shaping the Zeitgeist.

Co-creating since 2012

Due to confidentiality we can’t show all projects.

schnauze means to take action

To come up with unboring results, we constantly challenge ourselves and others. Are you up for it?
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